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Welcome to Lookah USA!
Welcome to Lookah USA!

Water Pipes

Lookah Water Pipes, Lookah Glass Pipes Supplier

Our wide variety of Water Pipes available from Lookah & partnered brands!


  • $49.99

    Biigo 9" Geared Up Frosted Water Pipe by Lookah

    This standard and simple water pipe gets an elegant, etched on design and soft feel from a quick acid wash. The design left is an assortment of gea...

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  • $183.00

    Lookah 12" Dual Chamber Double Ball Perc Water Pipe

    The Lookah 12" Dual Chamber Double Ball Perc Water Pipe is a premium smoking accessory that offers a unique and smooth smoking experience. Made wit...

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  • $165.99

    Lookah 11.7" Tsunami Water Pipe

    Button up and brace yourself, as the tide surges in and the water levels rise with this one-of-a-kind, meticulously designed water pipe that evokes...

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  • $154.99

    17.1" LOOKAH Conical Megacomplex Glass Waterpipe

    Behold the 17.1" LOOKAH Conical Megacomplex Glass Waterpipe, a stunning creation brought to life by the acclaimed artisans at Lookah Glass. This si...

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  • $158.00

    Lookah 12" Sunbird Water Pipe

    This unique pipe is an original design glass water pipe that looks as radically cool as it smokes. Sat on a sturdy borosilicate glass base, a large...

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  • $198.00

    Lookah 11.3" Ecoscope Platinum Collection Recycler Water Pipe

    Introducing the Ecoscope Platinum Collection Recycler water pipe, an ingeniously designed piece of art that is specifically crafted for recycling e...

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  • $199.99

    Biigo 16" Kraken's Eye Water Pipe by Lookah

    The 16" Biigo Kraken's Eye water pipe is as pleasing to behold as it is to use. It features the Kraken's vine like tentacles reaching up to a brigh...

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  • $256.00

    Lookah 20" Hollow Center Cylinder Waterpipe

    The LOOKAH 20" Hollow Center Cylinder Waterpipe features a unique cone-shaped mouthpiece, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. ...

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  • $99.99

    8.6" LOOKAH Glass Octopus Water Pipe

    Introducing the enchanting Octopus Bong, a brilliantly designed mini water pipe from the master craftsmen at Lookah Glass. Renowned for their excep...

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  • $214.99

    19.5'' LOOKAH Skyscraper Water Pipe Glass

    Indulge in the epitome of elegance and sophistication with the 19.5'' LOOKAH Skyscraper Water Pipe Glass bong, an exquisite piece that transports y...

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  • $99.99

    14.4” LOOKAH Dream Daze Water Pipe Glass

    Introducing the 14.4-inch LOOKAH Dream Daze Platinum Collection Glass water pipe – a mesmerizing piece that looks as if it's straight out of your w...

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  • $194.99

    12.5" LOOKAH Mad Scientist Sprinkler Glass

    The 12.5" LOOKAH Mad Scientist Sprinkler Glass is a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and technical mastery. As part of the Lookah Gla...

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  • $145.99

    10.3" LOOKAH Figure Eight Recycler

    The 10.3" LOOKAH Figure Eight Recycler water pipe is an exceptional piece of glass art that showcases the expertise and meticulous craftsmanship of...

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  • $215.99

    Lookah 20.7" Triple Donut Recycler Water Pipe

    This big bong water pipe is part of the Lookah Glass Platinum Collection. This 4th Dimension bong is designed to deliver hits so fresh and smooth i...

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  • $264.00

    Lookah Platinum Series 20" 4 Cylinder Super Recycler Water Pipe

    Lookah keeps dropping bangers and the 4 Cylinder Super Recycler is no exception.  At a whopping 20 inches tall, this thing literally stands out fro...

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  • $212.00

    Lookah Original Design Platinum Thick Base With 2 Pepper Style Perc

    Introducing the 13.5" Lookah Spiral With 2 Drum Perc Recycler Water Pipe, the perfect addition to any smoking enthusiast's collection. This beautif...

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  • $199.99

    16.55" Triple Stack Multi-Chamber Percolator Bong

    Discover the Lookah Triple Stack, an exceptional water pipe that incorporates three separate percolator chambers, meticulously designed to deliver ...

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  • $168.00

    17.9" LOOKAH Beaker Glass Bong

    Experience the epitome of classic design with the 17.9" LOOKAH Beaker Glass Bong. Ideal for enthusiasts who value size and performance, this remark...

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  • $192.99

    17.2'' LOOKAH The Steam Express Glass

    Blow off some steam with the help of this original Lookah Glass water pipe.Direct from the Platinum Collection, this super-recycler pipe has a trac...

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  • $264.99

    Quad Honeycomb Perc Recycler Water Pipe

    This glass pipe has a huge barrel tumbler sitting on its sturdy base.Splitting off into 4 cylindrical percs, with its honeycomb perc, it's a master...

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  • $194.99

    Disc Tower of Filtration Recycler Water Pipe

    When you crave some monster rips the Disc Tower of Filtration Water Pipe will deliver in spades.  This beautifully designed water pipe is 18.8 inch...

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  • $198.99

    23" LOOKAH Powerhouse

    This intricate water pipe by Lookah Glass is a powerhouse! Part of the impressive Platinum Glass water pipe selection, this 23-inch behemoth is a b...

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  • $181.00

    Lookah 11.5" Mushroom Patch Water Pipe

    This dreamy water pipe is one of the most unique glass bongs you’ll ever see. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Lookah Glass designers have created ...

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  • $177.00

    Lookah 14.5" Donut Recycler Water Pipe

    This donut recycler bong stands a cool 14.5 inches high and servers up a whirlpool of cool hits. The action starts with showerhead perc, and just a...

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