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Welcome to Lookah USA!
Welcome to Lookah USA!

Lookah Firebee 510 Thread VV Battery

Color: Black

The Lookah Firebee is a slimline 510 thread pen battery with a 650mAh battery and variable voltage. At 98mm long and 14mm diameter, this battery can slip into any pocket or purse. This Firebee packs a substantial 650mAh battery capacity, and its digital display has a segmented battery readout. 

***Please Note***  The Firebee does not have individual packaging and does not come with a charging cable.

USB-C Charging
Variable Voltage
Huge Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB-C
Resistance:  0.6Ω~5Ω
In-Put Voltage:  5V
On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times in 2 Seconds
Voltage Levels:  Mode 1 - 3.2V, Mode 2 - 3.6V, Mode 3 - 4.0V
Battery Indicators:  display shows "L" when the battery needs to be recharged, display shows "0" or "9" indicates an open or short circuit

In The Box
1 Lookah Firebee Battery