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Welcome to Lookah USA!
Welcome to Lookah USA!

Lookah Seahorse Coil Gen 2 Replacement Coils

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This are replacement coils for the 2nd generation of Lookah products.  These coils are ONLY compatible with the Seahorse 2.0, the Seahorse Pro Plus, the Seahorse Max, and the Seahorse X.  The coils are available individually, or in a multipack depending on the option you choose.  Please note that the SCIII Ceramic Tube coils come in a 3-pack and the SCV Quartz See Through coils come in a 4-pack.

In The Box
Lookah Gen 2 Replacement Coil(s)

Increase your size with the Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Coil Ceramic Tube Tip Replacement. Perfect for cloud chasers and anyone looking for large rips.

The Lookah Seahorse Coil 2 is a contemporary wax pen coil with two ceramic coils at the tip. Lookah Seahorse Coil II ceramic tip coils are compatible with all Lookah Seahorse series products. In comparison to the Lookah Seahorse Quartz Coil I, which has a better taste, the ceramic coil system is more concerned with heat. Because of its quick heat up time and heat retention, the ceramic tip is ideal for speedy dabbing. When dabbing with the ceramic tip, simply set your preferred voltage and dab a tiny quantity of concentration or wax on the tip.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lylr Surber

One of them was defective was told I have to order a new one with only 10% off will never order again

jeffrey marr

See thru ceramic are way better. These clog my unit quickly.

Lionel Ducluzeau
good seal, poor quality

Worked well for a while and doesn't tend to get as dirty as other models. However, the hinged top and body are made of thin plastic, which broke after 2 months.

brandon Blackmon
Best coils of them all

Hits harder and taste cleaner than other coils ive tried them all no es better

Charlie Ray
Great for seahorse 2.0 to see when you get a hit

So far my favorite coils for the seahorse 2.0/pro plus is a tie between the I’s and the V’s.

The original I’s are visually appealing and just work great with a good surface area. They are easy to keep looking clean as well.

The new see-through V’s are excellent as well, I gave them to my girlfriend for her seahorse 2.0 so she can see when she gets a hit, and I swap between I’s and V’s on my pro plus depending on my mood since it has the glass chamber to see when you start getting a hit (it’s too smooth for me to know exactly when the hit starts on the 2.0). They’re a little harder to keep lookin clean though.