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Welcome to Lookah USA!
Welcome to Lookah USA!

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Teresa H
Huge disappointment

So disappointed in yocan as it has been my go to brand for battery packs( uni pro)
The replacement glass was just as cheap as the original, the mini literally I took the glass magetic attachment off to let, set it on my counter, it tipped over, didn’t even fall off or down just got knocked over and broke in the EXACT spot The EXACT same break as my first at the base where it is glued. At least the first break it did drop, this was not a fall at all. And yet same result. Definitely cut corners on quality on this one. I am now on my 3rd replacement in a month. It broke the first time I used it, I got the replacement glass and it broke the day after. Not pleased to spend this kind of money every time I use the device to replace low quality glaas

Sandra Court

When I ordered my replacement glass I had no idea that I needed to also order the black band that goes between the glass and the Charger so I have been unable to use my replacement. The replacement glass is perfect just missing a piece that I was unaware I needed to order.

saul flores
Awesome product

great glass replacement and even better quality thank you.

Katherine Ridley
Love my Unicorn...

Was easy to order and arrived quickly...

Nadine Clarke
Mini Unicorn Glass Replacement

Amazing customer service! My replacement sadly came with a small crack towards the bottom so I sent them an email and photo and they did not hesitate to send another that same day. Love it! 10/10

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